Wall and Floor Waterproofing

Wall and Floor Waterproofing

The Walls and floor are exposed to water a lot more than you think.

Wall and floor require waterproofing, as these are the essential parts of any structure. Like so, the balcony is to be covered with a waterproofing membrane to protect it from water damage and water transfer. Sydney Waterproofers is efficient in securing the wall, floor, and balcony from water transfer and dampness. Many factors sum up the correct procedure that will offer a long-lasting waterproofing effect, and it all starts from scrutinizing the property thoroughly.

Two of the most used waterproofing materials are sheet and liquid membrane. While the sheet membrane gets torched on the surface, the liquid has adhesive property and sticks to the below surface without any additional treatment. Our experts are efficient to deal with both types.

The roof has to face extremities, and so we prefer installing sheet membrane because of its durability and robust characteristics. Balcony, on the other hand, is a tricky part to work upon and so liquid membrane can do wonders here.

So, as you can see, there are different materials to work with it all comes to the efficiency of the workers to determine the best alternative for wall and floor waterproofing in Sydney. Our application process is perfect with an overlapping membrane that gives a waterproof surface.

Sydney Waterproofers always looks forward to helping you with your waterproofing needs. We approach any kind of waterproofing task with the highest quality of service and materials. . Book a free inspection at 0417 417 400.