Strata waterproofing

Strata waterproofing

Strata waterproofing at an affordable rate from Sydney Waterproofers

Be it a new building or an old one, Sydney Waterproofers is expert in undertaking strata waterproofing in Sydney with an enduring quality . We start by evaluating the situation and then work on the procedure of waterproofing that will be the most beneficial waterproofing solution.

Issues in strata buildings

Many issues can give rise to water leaking and damp. With years of poor maintenance, the sheet or liquid membrane will wear out, causing the building exposed to water. In other situations, the expansion and contraction of the building material can produce a tear in the membrane or sealant.

At times, the building undergoes revamping, and the new areas do not get treated for waterproofing that can give rise to water seepage. All these can be unnerving and need immediate attention. Some inexperienced companies may fail to recognize the repairing work required and in return, supply you with a mismatching waterproofing service that doesn’t go with the structural material.

We, on the other hand, have an experienced and knowledgeable team who will take a close look at the issue and accordingly come up with the perfect and affordable plan. In case of a water leaking, the source is the hardest to find whereas one can spot the damage through damp, moulds and mildews, and degrading structural materials.

You can also spot rotting timber in the case of severe water damage. We use a liquid membrane, sheet membrane (TPO’s green star rating), epoxy coating, and torch-on membrane etc. waterproofing services. Call us for new installation or replacing of the old waterproofing material on 0417 417 400.