Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy Coatings

Flawless epoxy coating in Sydney

When you want to keep your floors and walls in pristine condition, it is the epoxy coatings in Sydney that you require. Epoxy can resist not just water but chemicals and mechanical load as well.

The team at Sydney Waterproofers are trained to work with epoxy in industrial and commercial establishments. Epoxy is tough with easy application on a concrete floor that gives a highly reflective surface. Epoxy is favourable in warehouses, the automobile industry, chemical factories, food processing units, and many more.

We will offer complete consultation for us to identify the issue and what is best to do with it. Factors that influence the coating budget are the nature of the job for waterproofing, preparation of the surface, the thickness of the floor and area covered.

Call us on 0417 417 400 to completely transform the old and worn down floor. Epoxy is anti-slip, joint-free, durable, resistance-proof, operational, and gives a clean and polished look.