Torch-on Waterproofing

Torch-on Waterproofing

Affordable torch on waterproofing in Sydney

Sydney Waterproofers efficiently performs torch on waterproofing service in Sydney to commercial, residential and industrial properties. We have been working with this process for many years, giving us the skills and knowledge to handle it most effectively.

What is torch on waterproofing?

The usage is specifically on the roof because of its robust nature. The laying material is a combination of different viscous liquids where bitumen is the main component. It comes in rolls that require some pre-steps before application. Cleaning the surface and priming is crucial before laying the sheet membrane. Then the membrane is rolled out and simultaneously torched. What this does is, on contact with heat, the sheet melts to the point where it forms an inextricable bond with the underlying surface giving a waterproof quality. The utility is primarily on the roof, but balconies, patios, and retaining walls can also have the application.

After the torching, the membrane is resilient to take any form and stops the water flow. The inclusion of polyester or fibreglass enhances the sturdiness greatly, and there are more variants available. You will never have any issues with the durability, as its strength is optimum. It is flexible, and so has a wide variety of usage. The best part is that the torch on the waterproofing membrane installed in your property is eco-friendly.

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