Remedial Waterproofing

Remedial Waterproofing

Expert remedial waterproofing is right here!

As a reputed waterproofing company, Sydney Waterproofers knows the importance of remedial waterproofing for the perfect solution to water leaks. We provide consultancy service apart from leak detection and repairs. Depending on the situation, we use the best procedure for fixation. If required, a combination of waterproofing procedures can come into play as well.

At first, we will survey the property for the source of the water leak. Based on the results, we will go on to make a foolproof plan for waterproofing. We require waterproofing in parts of the property which gets exposed to water the most. Waterproofing is essential on rooftop, balconies, bathrooms and in case of concrete spalling. Processes like membranes, coatings, sealants and flashing work wonders for stopping water seepage.

Dealing with concrete cancer

One of the issues that we have come across many times is concrete spalling, also known as concrete cancer. In this situation, the steel reinforcements within the building inflate, creating pressure on the nearby concrete. It leads to cracks in the concrete that allows water penetration. If the situation is unattended for long, it can get worse. Sydney Waterproofers efficiently undertake remedial work for protecting the building from concrete spalling by concrete and steel reinforcement treatment. We use waterproofing membranes as a shield towards the water, thus preventing future damage.

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