Domestic Waterproofing

Domestic Waterproofing

No more worry about domestic waterproofing

Sydney Waterproofers is not only authorised to work on commercial projects, but we also work for domestic and residential waterproofing in Sydney. We understand the issues a residential property can undergo so accordingly, we work on ways to fix waterproofing issues. Depending on needs and budget, we organise the entire procedure fitting the owner’s wants and needs on waterproofing. For the last 15 years, we have served different categories of residential properties consisting of townhouses, apartments, standalone residential properties etc

Services under residential waterproofing

Work on new constructions – It is always best to work on a developing property as it gives more opportunities. First we work on planning and strategizing application of waterproofing while taking details into consideration and then we proceed on completing raw materials prior to the installation process.

Work for the old property – Old houses are prone to seepage, and so Sydney Waterproofers uses specific procedures to stop it for good. Our waterproofing services also extend to where most leakage happens like balconies, bathroom, near swimming pools and basements.

Work near the swimming pool – swimming pool is the most affected part when it comes to water leaking. Sydney Waterproofers installs anti-slip membrane to prevent any falls.

Contact us today for waterproofing quotations. We adhere to every Australian Standards for the best outcome. Our experts will visit your property and determine the intensity of damage and the source of the water ingress as well. We are available on 0417 417 400. You can also write your queries on